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With ASL, Together We Craft Success.


The ASL Aviation Group was established in Singapore in 1981 and was engaged in travel agency and freight forwarding activities in the early years… 


Our Partners

Why Partner with ASL Aviation?

  • Local Expertise

    With ASL Aviation, you’re not just gaining a partner; you’re accessing deep-rooted local insights from every region we operate in. We understand the nuances of diverse markets, ensuring your airline navigates seamlessly, capitalizing on opportunities, and minimizing challenges

  • Collaborative Partnership

    Our success is intertwined with yours. We believe in forging relationships that go beyond transactions. By immersing ourselves in your goals and visions, we craft strategies that align with your airline’s long-term aspirations, ensuring growth and sustainability

  • Flexible Operations

    Understanding the ever-changing landscape of aviation, we prioritize adaptability. Our operations are tailored to seamlessly align with your requirements. From ramping up in high-demand seasons to optimizing during less busy times, we react promptly, ensuring your airline always operates at peak efficiency, preserving its competitive advantage

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