Our belief in building enduring, mutually beneficial business partnerships with our customers in one of the pillars of our business methodology. The customer is always king in the ASL world and we will go out of the way to delight our partners in the freight forwarding community.

The customer experience with ASL begins with the sales teams. Good products, cost effective solutions for cargo transportation, innovative solutions for lesser served markets; all these give ASL an edge which will also enhance our customers’ competiveness.

Our extensive knowledge of the documentation requirements and customs procedures of the markets that we serve also allows us to provide a value-added consultation service that relieves our customers of the anxieties of moving cargo, particularly to lesser served markets.

Operational excellence is a concept we embrace, and this forms another essential pillar of our business orientation. Once the business is sold, we treat the cargo as our own, monitoring its journey from origin to destination, providing updates to our customers at every critical point in that journey, ending only on successful final delivery, and with the provision of ‘Proof of Delivery’ to our customers.

In the unlikely event of any handling discrepancy or journey disruption, our sales and customer service teams work with our customers and our airline partners to address the issues immediately to a quick resolution, and provide our customers with timely information along the way so that they can keep their customers informed at all times. These essential components of the service recovery effort are part and parcel of our exception handling process and dovetails seamlessly into our customers process flows.

We believe that for ASL to be successful, our customers must first succeed. Our business depends very much on our ability to replicate these positive customer experiences first time, every time, ensuring our customers’ success, and in turn, create a positive outcome for ASL